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Tabdil Energy Roshana, designer and operator of all kinds of solar power plants
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Supplier of all kinds of solar panels and power plant equipment
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Maintenance of equipment and solar power plants
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Supplying and selling all kinds of solar accessories
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Saving costs
Increasing energy security
Endless source of energy
Introducing Tabdil Energy Roshana

Tabdil- Energy- Roshana, a knowledge-based company, was established in 1401 AH (Solar Hijri calendar) with the aim of providing design and implementation services for solar power plants. Our main goal at this company is to promote the use of clean and renewable solar energy on both residential and utility scales. The experienced and young team of Tabdil- Energy- Roshana successfully obtained the knowledge-based certificate from the Research Deputy of the Presidential Office in 1401 AH.

Tabdil Energy Roshana services

Solar water pump

Water pump using solar energy

Solar protection system

CCTV using solar energy

Solar lighting system

Lighting system using solar energy

Solar water heater and Solar cooling

Solar Cooler and solar water heater system

Tabdil Energy Roshana services

Building a solar power plant

Design and commissioning of solar power plant

Solar power plant service

Service and maintenance of solar power plant

Repair of solar power plant equipment

Repair of solar power plant equipment

Selling all kinds of solar panels

Selling all kinds of solar panels and cells

Advantages of using solar energy

Today, it should be noted that the more the overhead costs of an industrial or residential complex are reduced, the faster the profit process of that complex will be. One of the important things that is considered in industries and homes is the cost of electricity bills and energy carriers. You can easily reduce these costs to almost 0! This is the reason why the use of solar energy and solar panels has become very popular in recent years.

less electricity bill

You don't need to pay the electric bill anymore because you supply the energy needed for your home and industrial complex using solar panels.

Increasing the value of your property

Buying a solar panel is not a cost but an added value. This system makes your property's pricing value increase significantly.

Tax discounts

If you consume little electricity, you will be included in incentive plans and even free. It also includes support plans for your business.

Easy installation

You can easily install a solar panel in a residential house, industrial and commercial complex, and even a workshop. The installation of these panels is scheduled based on the type of set.

Why Tabdil Energy Roshana

Tabdil Energy Roshana Company offers various plans related to solar panel installation on industrial and domestic scale easily. This company offers the best and most complete solar panel installation process with the help of a team of experts and special after-sales services. In fact, Roshana Energy Conversion Company manages every step of the process of installation, design, engineering, implementation and full activation of the system.

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